Best Laptop For Tattoo Artist

Are you looking for Best Laptop for Tattoo Artist? Then you have come to the right place. This article will not only show all the best laptops for Tattoo artists but also the tools for determining the perfect laptop that will work for tattoo artists. Well tattooing is a very fascinating and creative area for people that work there. Tattoo artists need many different qualities, as well as creativity, they need technology too.

Best laptop for tattoo artist

10 Best laptop for tattoo artist

The following are the 10 best laptop for Tattoo artist

HP Pavilion x360

hp pavilion 360x

The HP Pavilion x360 is one of those laptops that isn’t too expensive yet has a lot of useful functions. This laptop is incredibly elegant and includes a 14-inch full HD touch-supported display. It also comes with a Tilt Pen for a better user experience. This laptop has a 360-degree rotating feature that we can use.

This laptop features a Core i5 processor with 6MB cache, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB M.2 SSD that runs at 3.6 GHz. This laptop is capable of running all of the software used in tattoo creation. These features ensure that the laptop is always quick to respond.

Furthermore, this laptop comes with Windows 10 Home, which runs nicely and is ready for Windows 11. It also comes with an AC converter that can charge it from 0 to 50% in 45 minutes. This laptop has a battery life of up to 8 hours.

This laptop has a mid-range price, which is Best Laptops for Tattoo Artist. We can certainly go for it without hesitation if we are on a budget or do not want to spend money on computers. Without a doubt, this laptop will meet and exceed all expectations.


  • The display is bright
  • Bluetooth
  • fast charging.
  • multi-functional SD media card reader.
  • budget friendly.


  • no fingerprint sensor
  • No optical drive

Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5 will provide the greatest experience for any tattoo artist. This laptop’s configuration is quite powerful. It’s also quite comfortable to grip, has a smooth touch screen, and is really durable. With its impressive features, this laptop has wowed everyone. It comes with a Lenovo active pen, which we don’t have to buy individually.

This laptop has a 14-inch display with a small bezel on four sides. It is supported by FHD regulations. Furthermore, the touch screen is extremely responsive, making it ideal for any tattoo artist. It also features a tablet-friendly view. It only weighs 3.65 pounds and can be spun 360 degrees.

AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Mobile processor, 256GB SSD storage, and 16 GB DDR4 RAM are all included in the laptop. It has Radeon graphics, ensuring the highest possible display performance. Even when not connected to a power source, this laptop may give a battery backup of more than 10 hours. It also comes with a 65-watt charging power adaptor for rapid charging.

It comes with a powerful AMD processor.

If we’re on a tight budget, the Lenovo Flex 5 is a good option. We can acquire Lenovo Flex 5 without concern if we are on a tight budget. this is a fantastic option and Best Laptops for Tattoo Artist.


  • design is stylish
  • The performance is excellent
  • It has fingerprint
  • The webcam has a physical shutter
  • great battery backup up to 10+


  • fans create noise
  • slightly heavier

ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481

The ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481A is a high-end laptop with an attractive design. It has a heavy-duty machine that can handle any heavy-duty job. This laptop includes two monitors, allowing you to finish activities faster. Both displays are touch-enabled and have a high level of responsiveness.

The main display is a 14-inch FHD display that is sufficient for all users. Screenpad Plus is the name of the secondary display, which is 12.6 inches in size. Screenpad Plus can be used as a sketching pad, and its display is great for multitasking.

It also has a lot of nice features. Photoshop offers a plethora of possibilities, making the process even more accessible. This laptop contains a dedicated 2GB GDDR5 graphics card, which is ideal for graphic design.

When it comes to the performance of this laptop, there are a few options to consider. It commonly comes with a Core i7 processor from the 10th generation. Moreover, it is a mid range laptop with 10th generation intel core. It has a high screen quality.

It comes with 8GB or 16GB of RAM and 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB of M.2 SSD storage. The laptop is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11. It also has a great HD camera built in. This camera has an infrared capability that allows for face unlocking. Furthermore, the battery backup is at least 10 hours. The cooling system works well and is quiet.


  • The laptop has many features
  • Secondary display
  • stunning design.
  • smooth performance.
  • This laptop has a Wacom pen.
  • has a backlit keyboard.


  • It has no optical drive
  • pricey

New Microsoft Surface Book 3

The all-in-one laptop Microsoft Surface Book 3 is ideal for tattoo artists’ work. Because of its high configuration, this laptop can accomplish any task fast. It also offers the ultimate drawing experience because to its detachable touch display and Surface pen.

This laptop comes with a plethora of purchasing alternatives based on your needs. It comes with a 13.5-inch or 15-inch high-resolution display. In addition, depending on the requirements, the processor can be an Intel core i5 or core i7 10 generation processor. It also comes with 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of RAM with storage options of 1TB SSD, 512GB SSD, 256GB SSD, or 128GB SSD, which is excellent.

Because of its long battery life, this laptop is ideal for any artist. With 17.5 hours of battery life, it’s a laptop that’s always ready. As a result, we can use it all day without having to worry about charging it.

This laptop also has two high-resolution cameras, one on the front and the other on the rear. Both of them are capable of capturing 1080p HD video. There are two USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port, as well as two surfaces connect ports, one on the tablet and one on the base, and one full-size SDXC card reader slot.

With all of these characteristics, this laptop may easily be utilised by tattoo artists for video editing, graphic design, drawing, and other routine tasks. If you’re looking for a tablet to use for design work, it’ll be excellent for you. As a result, it is one of the greatest two-in-one laptops.


  • The laptop is stylish
  • can be detached
  • excellent performance.
  • battery can backup up to 17.5 hours.


  • no optical drive.
  • This laptop is a little costly.

HP Spectre x360

Tattoo artists and other users love the HP Spectre x360. This is one of the most effective computers for creating artwork. It features a powerful setup, with an Intel Core i7 10 generation processor and 8MB cache that can go up to 4GHz and deliver the greatest results with artworks. This laptop also contains 16GB DDR4 SDRAM and a 512GB SSD to keep the system running smoothly.

It sports a fantastic 13.3-inch FHD responsive touch display with a small bezel that can clearly show every colour from any angle. There is no need to purchase a stylus pen separately because this laptop comes with one. As a result, tattoo artists are able to create beautiful tattoos with ideal shapes. It also manifests a better image quality with full hd display.

The HP Spectre x360 is extremely light, weighing only 2.88 pounds. It runs Windows 10 and will support Windows 11 when it becomes released. It also comes with a backlit keyboard and two USB 3.1 Gen Type-C Thunderbolt 3 connectors for rapid data transfer. It can be a great usage with the tablet mood. It is not just a laptop but best in class laptop.

This laptop provides an excellent battery backup of more than 16 hours. It can charge the battery superfast, approximately 50% in 30 minutes. This laptop comes with a very durable aluminum body. This laptop has an excellent battery life.


  • This laptop has a beautiful design
  • excellent performance.
  • It has 3 ports with 2 Thunderbolts.
  • The weight is only 2.88lbs
  • very light
  • backlit keyboard.
  • battery can back up for 16 hours.


  • has no HDMI port.
  • the fan make noise.

Lenovo Yoga C740

For beginners or new tattoo designers, this laptop may be the finest option. It has a great deal of graphic design software and a trendy appearance.

The Lenovo Yoga C740 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 10 generation processor with 6MB cache and a clock speed of 4.2GHz, as well as 8GB DDR4 RAM. The display is a 14-inch full-HD touch screen with Intel USD graphics. As a result, a tattoo artist’s artwork can be completed quickly. Lenovo does not supply a stylus pen, although it does support them. This hd active stylus pen must be purchased separately.

When it comes to the Lenovo Yoga C740’s design, it’s elegant. We’ll be reassured by the display’s thin bezels and 360-degree rotation for tablet mode. It can also be used for batter draw in a stand or tent. It’s only 3.04 pounds, so it’s light enough to tote.

The mica coating on the aluminium chassis gives it a highly elegant appearance. Backlighting is available on the keyboard, and there are two speakers on both sides for improved sound quality. A fingerprint sensor is located in the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

The battery life is likewise excellent, lasting almost 10 hours or more, and it comes with a 65-watt AC adaptor for charging. Windows 11 will be compatible with Windows 10 when it is installed. As a result, new and inexperienced tattoo artists can easily afford to buy this laptop and benefit from it.


  • This laptop performs well.
  • The battery backup is up to 10 hours.
  • Has Fingerprint feature.
  • It has a cooling mechanism.


  • no optical drive.
  • No HDMI port.

LG Gram 14

One of the greatest ultrabooks for a tattoo artist is LG’s ultra-lightweight laptop. This is an LG 2-in-1 laptop with a stylus pen. The laptop screen feels good to the eyes, tattoo designers wouldn’t be irritated sitting infront of the screen all day.

This LG Gram laptop has a 14-inch display with a thin bezel and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection. Tattoo artists may use the tablet device to produce artwork more efficiently and comfortably because it can rotate 360 degrees. Tattoo artists prefer a display that allows them to draw directly on it, thus this laptop display features a responsive touch screen.

The Intel Core i7 10 generation processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD storage, and Intel UHD dedicated Graphics GPU are all included in this 2.53lbs lightweight laptop. One HDMI port, two USB Type-A ports, a microSD card slot, a USB Type-C RJ45 gender port, and a headphone/microphone combo port are also included. Moreover, it has ideal graphics quality.

This laptop can last for more than 20 hours on a single charge. Other notable features include a fingerprint reader and a lighted keyboard.

The laptop is safe to use, and the keys are visible in any light. The operating system on this LG Gram 4 is Windows 10, however it can be upgraded to Windows 11 when it becomes available. Tattoo artists can accomplish their goals with this laptop’s configuration and strong battery backup.


  • configuration is excellent
  • The battery backup is good.
  • supports Fingerprint option.
  • backlit keyboard.
  • Very thin
  • lightweight.


  • no optical drive.
  • Expensive

Dell 9310 XPS 2 in 1 Convertible

Stylus support is only available on Dell 2 in 1 laptops. Nonetheless, our research revealed that a large number of tattoo artists use the Dell 9310 XPS, which is Best Laptops for Tattoo Artist.

The Dell XPS is equipped with a speedier Intel Core i7 11 generation processor and 32GB of 4267MHz LPDDR4x RAM. There includes 512GB SSD storage, which allows all of the artistic work to be promptly stored and processed.

This laptop offers a snappy 13.4-inch touch and stylus-supported display that properly displays all artistic work. The display looks fantastic and has a very slim bezel. For greater colour performance, this laptop incorporates an integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics GPU for better display quality.

Although the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 does not have a box pen, it does enable pen input. It’s compatible with the Windows Ink platform and is supported by Dell’s Premium Active Pen.

In addition, the Dell XPS 9310 boasts some unique features for a laptop of this size. This laptop’s Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology boosts performance automatically when it’s needed.

It can be unlocked in a matter of seconds using a fingerprint sensor, eliminating the need for a password. Another great feature is that you don’t have to push the power button to switch on the laptop. When we open the lid, the laptop will instantly start up in preparation for the lid sensor.

This laptop weighs 2.90 pounds, making it incredibly light and thin. This is one of the reasons why so many tattoo artists like to utilise this fantastic laptop. There are also two Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C connections for power and display, a MicroSD card slot, and a headphone jack.

However, this Dell XPS 9310 lacks both a USB Type-A port and an HDMI port. This laptop includes a 51-watt battery and a 65-watt power adapter, which provides more than 14 hours of battery life.

Finally, regardless of whether you are a tattoo artist or not, this laptop is capable of meeting all of your needs. It is, nevertheless, an excellent laptop for tattoo artists of all types of work. This computer will not let you down as a tattoo artist.


  • The system performs well .
  • The design is Beautiful
  • supports Fingerprint option.
  • backlit keyboard.
  • Very thin
  • lightweight.


  • no HDMI port.
  • no optical drive.

Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip

The majority of tattoo artists prefer laptops with touch screens and styluses. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for tattoo artists on Apple. Apple does not provide a touchscreen laptop. However, Apple continues to provide high-performance computers, and customers adore Apple products.

If you’re a tattoo artist looking for a laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 processor is still a fantastic choice. This laptop is fascinating thanks to the latest Apple M1 microprocessor. However, if you want to sketch, you’ll need to invest in a tablet, which will provide you with the same experience as touch-screen computers. The Wacom Intuos Pro for Mac and the Wacom Cintiq 22 are the greatest drawing tablets for Mac, and many professional tattoo artists utilise them.

This MacBook Pro is ideal for a variety of tasks, and the Apple M1 CPU has eight cores that work together to produce 2.8X faster performance. The GPU M1 chip boosts graphics performance by 5 times. This laptop boasts a 13.3-inch FHD display with ultra-thin bezels on the left and right sides, which is ideal for displaying accurate colours, as well as an M1 processor, 8GB of unified memory (RAM), and 512GB of fast SSD storage. As a result, all operational programmes can be started in a matter of seconds.

More than 20 hours of power backup will be provided by the battery. It comes pre-installed with MAC OS and is only 3 pounds. This laptop features a magical keyboard that allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Apple’s MacBook Pro boasts a svelte, elegant appearance. It has a sophisticated scissor mechanism that makes typing comfortable, responsive, and silent.

A touch bar sits on top of the keyboard and offers several functions that can help you save time and keystrokes. It also incorporates a touch ID system, which makes logging in and making purchases much easier.


  • has the latest Apple M1 chip.
  • The performance of this laptop is great
  • The GPU gives faster performance.
  • backup for a battery of about 20 hours.
  • has a touch ID system


  • The RAM and storage of this laptop cannot be upgraded after buying.
  • expensive.

Samsung Chromebook Plus

One of the best laptops for tattoo artists is the Samsung Chromebook Plus which is also a stylish laptop and as well as an affordable laptop. It has a high-quality convertible design and a solid hardware arrangement. As a result, it is a popular choice among tattoo artists.

This laptop has a 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 2400×1600 pixels. Surprisingly, it has a higher resolution than other laptops. Furthermore, it is capable of delivering photos or images with vibrant colours. It comes with a stylus pen with which we can draw whatever we like or take notes. It may also be turned into a tablet.

This laptop’s metal body is beautiful and offers a high level of durability. The corner is rounded and has a smooth finish. The narrow bezel gives the watch a luxury appearance. The stylus pen can also be mounted to the laptop body for convenient use.

When we look at the details, we can see that the processor, RAM, and storage are all sufficient. We’ll get an entry-level Intel Celeron N3060 processor, 32 GB of SSD storage, and 4GB of memory. These are suitable for a variety of casual tasks such as browsing the internet, reading e-mail, watching movies, and so on.


· The display has a 2400×1600 resolution.

· durable enough.

· Has a metal design

· The battery is powerful.

· Convertible


· The overall performance is not so good

· It does not have enough storage

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Laptops for Tattoo Artist


It is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a laptop for tattoo design. In a laptop, a touchscreen is a must-have feature. If you have a touchscreen, you will be able to work much more quickly.

However, you must remember to consider the convertible option as well. You won’t be able to use the touchscreen if your laptop isn’t detachable or convertible.


After you’ve considered display features, you’ll want to look at the resolution of the laptop. The screen resolution refers to the number of sharp or detailed pictures or images that can be displayed on it. It will be a representation of your work.

To get the best graphics quality, go for a full-HD monitor. If you’re working on a complex design, you might want to consider upgrading to a laptop with a higher resolution. If you’re on a tight budget, though, we recommend skipping the higher resolution.


A laptop’s design is equally important. For tattoo design, we recommend using a detachable laptop. You’ll most likely use your laptop on the fly. The biggest issue with a convertible laptop is that it becomes heavy due to the keyboard being permanently attached to the laptop.

You can, however, work on a drawing tablet at a desk that is more comfortable. However, we recommend that you use a laptop instead.


You will, without a doubt, require a good laptop battery. The best laptop for tattoo art should have at least an 8-hour battery backup. You can draw a tattoo design in your spare time or come up with a quick tattoo concept while travelling.

The quality and performance of the on-screen display affects battery life. If you desire a laptop with a higher resolution, keep in mind that it will not have a long battery life.


We all know that the processor graphics card is the foundation of a laptop. You should choose the i5 processor for your graphics card if you want to design tattoos. It will also allow you to multitask. The Intel Core i7 processor is a good option if your budget is a little higher. It will give you with a stress-free working environment.


When compared to the processor, memory cards are very inexpensive. We recommend purchasing a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. However, if you plan to use the laptop for intense work or multitasking, 16GB may be a better option.

Graphics Card

To design tattoos, you will use graphical software as a tattoo artist. You can get a laptop with a specialised graphics card for this reason. A high-end graphics card is not required. You can go with a low-cost card that will get the job done quickly. It would be the greatest option for you to invest in a strong GPU.


SSDs are popular these days because they can transport data quickly. Furthermore, they are light, robust, and energy efficient. SSD is required if you desire a tiny and light laptop.

However, as compared to traditional HDDs, SSDs are somewhat costly. However, if you want a quick laptop with plenty of storage, we recommend getting an SSHD drive for your laptop.

Frequently asked questions

What laptops do tattoo artists use?

A graphics card with dedicated memory, 8GB+ RAM (ideally DDR3/DDR4), 128GB SSD (or higher), 15.6-inch monitor, i5 processor (or greater), and at least 2 USB ports are required for today’s artist.

What computer program do tattoo artists use?

Tattoo artists typically utilise a variety of computer softwares to design and create tattoos. However, some apps are widely utilised over the world. Adobe Illustrator Draw, Inkhunter, LayerPaint HD, Reddit, Tattoodo, Tattoo Master, Tattoo Font Designer, and other programmes are among them.


Finding the appropriate laptop for your needs amid a sea of computers might be difficult. We understand how difficult it is to choose the best laptop for tattoo design. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten laptops for tattoo artists based on our extensive research. There are numerous variables to consider when purchasing a laptop. It makes no difference whether you are a seasoned tattoo artist or a complete novice; you can select the laptop that best suits your needs.

All of the laptops we’ve discussed so far are of excellent quality. These computers are ideal for tattoo artists, in our opinion. A tattoo artist’s laptop, on the other hand, must have the bare minimum of system functionality. We can tell you that this article will assist you in locating the ideal laptop for your needs. We wish you luck in your search for a laptop as a tattoo artist.

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