What Is the Difference Between A Macbook And A Laptop

What Is the Difference Between A Macbook And A Laptop
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Computers are more than just a way to get work done. They are also fashion statements. MacBooks and Laptops are two different types of computers and it can sometimes be hard to tell which one is better for you. Whether you’re a college student or a professional working on the go, the right type of computer can make all the difference in how you work and live.

You may have heard that what’s the difference between a MacBook and a laptop? If not then worry no more as we are here for your help. This article will help you understand the difference between a MacBook and a laptop. We’ll also be going over everything from which one is better to how they work. Read on to learn more! 

Difference Between a MacBook and a Laptop


The first aspect in our list that differentiates a MacBook from a Laptop is its design.

The design aspect separates a MacBook aesthetically from Windows laptops. The credit goes to the former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Throughout most of his career, he focused on the outward appearance of his company’s products, a focus unmatched by his competitors. The unique designs that resulted from this obsession are still unmatched. Although some top-of-line windows laptops compete with MacBooks, they still lack a touch of class.

However, if you are the one person who doesn’t like the aesthetic vibes of a MacBook, then unfortunately you have to explore other options made available by a Laptop since a MacBook doesn’t come with a variety of designs.

In the Laptop market, you will get numerous different designs to choose from. If you don’t like one design, you can look for other manufacturers. 


The comparability factor of price is not justified in this case. These two products are far opposite to each other and within each type, various price ranges specifically reflect the consumer’s usage needs.

If you need a computer to surf the internet or to watch movies then buying a MacBook will not justify your choice. MacBooks are higher-end computers that are built with expensive components and are expected to be used by business professionals that will maximize the utility of these components.


The exceptional quality of hardware provided by MacBook is unmatched but at the same time, they are extremely heavy on the pocket as well as limited in options to choose from. The same specifications of hardware provided by windows laptops will come at a cheaper price.

While purchasing a MacBook you will get limited options of RAM and processor to choose from. However, in the case of Laptops, the scenario is different. You not only get a variety of options to choose from but has the option to upgrade them as well in the future.

Operating system

The most important distinctive feature that sets these two types of computers apart is their operating system. The MacBook has a macOS developed by Apple whereas the laptop runs windows OS. They both are totally different from each other and suit different people according to their needs. 

macOS is specifically designed to work on Mac computers so a lot of different universal software developed by developers do not run on these OS. This is a major hindrance that is putting MacBooks behind window laptops since companies prefer those systems that can operate any readily available software.


In addition, Macs and PCs are different in the level of security they provide from viruses and other unwanted intrusions. Since most computers run Microsoft Windows, PCs are most frequently targeted by viruses and other security issues.  Viruses like ransomware, are now common threats to computers. They trick users to download them by pretending to be desirable programs, such as anti-virus programs.

Security is not completely out of the question for Mac users. As MacBook gain in market share, these threats have increased in form of cross-platform malware.


When it comes to the keyboards, Laptops generally come with a half keyboard layout. You can also find a laptop with full size keyboard, it all depends on one’s needs. However, the MacBooks come with half-size keyboards, which means that it doesn’t come with Numpad keys. To be able to use the numeric keys, you would have to purchase an external keyboard for it.

There are some differences that exist between the keyboard of a laptop and a MacBook. In case you damage your laptop keyboard, you can easily repair it. Everyone can do it. However, when it comes to the MacBook, you can not easily fix it. Not everyone knows how to repair it. There are some selected locations where you can get it fixed.

End User’s Satisfaction

Another important differential feature between MacBook and Laptop is the user’s satisfaction. To be honest, it all depends on the customer who is buying the product as each one of these would have a different expectation regarding their purchased product. 

As we all know Window’s laptop is more budget-friendly and justifies the price at which they are sold. However, the customer base for MacBooks is different as they are more inclined towards the aesthetics and sleekness apple offers. They justify the expensive price through its design, performance, brand image, and whatnot.


Both the MacBooks and the laptops run on different operating systems. Hence, the applications run on the systems are different. The software that you use on a laptop can not be used on a MacBook.


Macbooks are considered high-end computers. The laptops come in various categories. Some laptops are high-end while some belong to the low-end categories. When it comes to usability, Macbooks are usually difficult to operate for those who haven’t used them before. On the contrary, laptops are easy to use. Even a newbie can easily learn to do many things on a laptop. When it comes to usability the difference between a MacBook and a laptop is massive.

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